Top 10 sites in Miami, FL — The Top Ten Traveler

Ocean Dr. and South Beach

The main reason to come to Miami is having a relaxing and fun time on the beach. Many people would say that Miami Beach has the best beaches in the land, and once you get here you will understand why.

Go to a pool party

Are you team beach-side or poolside? it doesn’t really matter because Miami’s pool parties are crazy fun for everyone. Many of the big hotels in Miami beach host pool parties, with music going from Hip Hop to EDM. Some of the parties are part of weekly lines and others are bigger events with world-famous DJs. Depends on your style and preferences, find your best spot, and spend a few hours at a party. It will be fun, especially if you get bottomless mimosas.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is an open street mall in Miami beach, going from East to West. It is located between 16th st. and 17th st., along 10 blocks from Washington Ave to Alton Rd. During the day Lincoln mall has a laidback atmosphere and you can stroll between cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Lots of shopping. When day turns into night, the music from the restaurants gets louder, and Happy Hour specials make the people much happier. For more information on the stores and restaurants, check out the Lincoln Rd. official site.

Wynwood walls

Wynwood Walls is my favorite place in Miami. This is a huge outdoor street-art park, with more than 40 murals, covering over 80,000 sq ft (7500 sqm) of walls. Artists from all around the world come here to create their art, and the crazy thing about it — every piece is only temporary. Each mural stays for a few months and then another artist gets the wall for their new work. It makes every visit here different and surprising.

Española way

As you walk into Española way you feel like you jump back in time. This pedestrian street, starting on Washington Ave in Miami Beach, is full of Spanish restaurants, with a Cigar shop and a wine shop, all in peach-colored Spanish-style buildings. This is a great place for a casual, easygoing, and delicious dinner, before going out to one of the bars in Ocean dr.

Little Havana

Little Havana is the Cuban heart of Miami and Calle Ocho (8th street) is the heart of the neighborhood. This is the place that accepted the thousands of Cubans who escaped Cuba after Castro took over in 1959. Today this is the social, cultural, and political center of American-Cubans.

Baysaide Marketplace

This two-floors open shopping center is the perfect touristic experience for visitors in Miami. Located on Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami, you get a beautiful view of the marina and the city skyscrapers. There are 120 stores, from big brands like Gap and Disney to small Kiosks that sell souvenirs. When you get hungry, take a break in one of the restaurants on the water, or in the big Hard Rock Cafe, and enjoy the view and the breeze. You can also take a cruise in the bay, ride a speedboat or go on a party boat from here.

Holocaust memorial

Miami Beach is not exactly the place you would expect to see a holocaust memorial. However, the memorial that was built here in the late 1980s, is one of the most powerful Holocaust memorials I have been to. It was initiated by the Holocaust Memorial Committee, a non-profit that was established by local Holocaust survivors. The memorial is a big hand going up high to the sky with figures of men and women trying to climb on it. It is surrounded by the memorial wall, with names of the family members of the local community who were perished in the holocaust. This is an emotional experience, that doesn’t necessarily fit with the Miami vibes, but I think it’s a must-visit site.

The Venetian pool

Located in Coral Gables, only 15 minutes drive from Downtown Miami, the Venetian pool is one of the popular attractions of Miami. It was built in the 1920s as a swimming pool for the rich and famous, with gondolas in the water. Nowadays it’s open to the public and it’s a charming place. Even though the gondolas are not here anymore, the Italian-style central building and the trees all around, create a calm environment, even when it’s full. The water in the pool is coming from an underground aquifer and in the spring and summer seasons, it is replenished daily. The entrance fee is $10-$20 depends on age and season. For more information check out the Venetian Pool website.

Wilzig Erotic-Art Museum

Located in Miami Beach, this museum might surprise you. While it is presenting more than 4000 pieces of sex-related objects (let your imagination go wild), it is not only a museum. It is a one-of-its-kind library and research center dedicated to the history of erotic art. The collections include paintings, images, and sculptors from all around the world, and some made by world-famous artists, like Rembrandt, Picasso, Dali, and others.

General Tips

It’s better to visit Miami between November and May. When it’s winter in most of the northern hemisphere, Miami still has a perfect hot climate. From June to November it is Hurricane season, with lots of rain. Plan your trip accordingly.



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